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This album will be forever dedicated to my best friend, my musical twin Oskar Kristensson. This was the last musical project you worked on before you passed away. I don't think you ever got to hear it finished, but I tried to put it together as best as I could. I love you, now and forever to the end of time.

This album is the product of a collaboration that began during the summer of 2014 when me and Oskar first started to play together. It was recorded and performed by us in my shitty rehearsal room. It was mixed by me and mastered Victor Engström. The cover image was made by Felicia Jakobsson.


released May 6, 2015

Album credits:

Vile Hartman - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Sampling, Editing, Recording, Mixing
Oskar Kristensson - Drums, Recording
Victor Engström - Mastering
Felicia Jakobsson - Cover art



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ett turbulent liv Västra Götaland County, Sweden

Atmospheric one man band playing depressive music.

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Track Name: To The Harbor
Nothing lasts forever
So in this moment
A reminder
For all the things we did together

All those vivid dreams and secret thoughts
Bark and moss
Now I sob and fear
The moments that once were so clear

Every thought
Every breath
All is laced with worry

Only waiting
Only hoping
For this mess to untangle

And I can't grasp it
I can't change it
Make it go away
It's just so hollow
All so hollow and so fucking unfair

I'll be there
I'll be brave
The night is not yet over

For I will light a path and lead us to the harbor

I can see
The faintest light
And it's clouded and lonely
Let it guide us home
Track Name: Haffaghankenul
I know
We are
For now
Track Name: Unto This Mundane Existance
From the foot of the bed
I watched
I saw

The truth of it all
Of life
Of love

You eyes meet mine
One year
One summer

Nothing is the same
But I try to remember

Our memories, they fade, again
Tell me how it felt
Tell me what we did

How it used to be
Or where you used to live

I can't feel a thing
Now It's over

There's no way out